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Create a Plan for the Future

We offer military and retired military assistance in the Lemoore, Avenal, Hanford & Corcoran, CA area

Do you have a plan in place for your retirement? Will your family be taken care of when you're gone? The Law Office of John W. Gordon provides estate planning assistance for members of the military in the Lemoore, Avenal, & Hanford, CA area area.

Your kids have grown up and moved away so it's time to focus on your own well-being and the future. Our estate planning attorney will help you create a plan that's best for your health and assets. We can set up a will or a trust and make sure everything is taken care of when it comes to your estate.

Contact the Law Office of John W. Gordon today to establish wills and trusts.

You've spent your career taking care of the country. It's now time take care of you and your family. John and Jean will help you:

  • Create a trust for any disabled family members
  • Establish powers of attorney
  • Create a plan for distributing any property and belongings

The Law Office of John W. Gordon is ready to help you feel secure about what the future holds. Call 559-924-9900 today to get started on your estate plan in the Lemoore, Avenal, & Hanford, CA area.