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Probate refers to the method in which your estate is administered and processed through the legal system after you die. It has been defined as, "The court supervised process of identifying and gathering a person's assets after their death, paying all of their debts, and distributing the balance to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries."
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What is involved in probate? Will your loved one's estate need to go through the probate process?

You may have a number of questions related to probate, and the best way to get accurate answers based upon your particular situation is by discussing the matter with an attorney in your area.
The probate process essentially involves determining the validity of a will and then executing the distribution of assets according to the will. Appraising assets, paying creditors and distributing assets may all be involved. Specific proceedings will vary depending on the jurisdiction. If there is no will, the estate is "intestate" and administered by the laws of the California Probate Code.

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